Saturday, September 18, 2010

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Mayah's 5 O'clock shadow

Sweet Cheeks

Miss Mayah and her Old Navy twin

This is a self portrait

Mayah Teresa

Jordan's photos

Jordan kidnaps my phone sometimes and takes funny pictures. I find them later and laugh. They are actually pretty good.

Bathroom Reading?

Jaxton was in the bathroom for no more than 30 seconds and this is what I found. Doesn't it look so artistically arranged? You can't really see but there are a total of three magazines AND a roll of Costco toilet paper (only the best)in the toilet. He kept pointing to the food and saying "biiiite, biiite". Naughty!

Buddy's Antic's Continued

Here's something else Buddy does for on the table. I used to have a lovely bowl of decorative gourds sitting in the center of the table. He would crawl up there and chuck them as far as he could. It has since entered the "Witness Relocation Program". He also has a blast swinging the chandalier like it's the Price is Right wheel. Future wheel spinner? Stay tuned.